The monk on the Kanevets Island, Ladoga lake, Russia, March, 2003.
A field-kitchen of a block post in Gal region next to the frontier in the upper part of the  Kodora canyon, Abhasia on Thursday, March 16, 2006. Several soldiers from the special forces in Abhasia are at the military service in the GALA district. At this block post meals are cooked in the campfire, game is also smoked there suspended from wooden hooks.
Claude Monet. The museum custodian in the State Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia, May, 2003.
 A worker of the gypsum quarry. Sudan, December, 2003.
Larisa Kansuzian suffers schizophrenia in mental hospital not far from Sukhumi, Abhasia. Friday, March 17, 2006. In acute condition she is in hospital, otherwise stays at home. Now and then her brother is hospitalized here as well. They happen to take turns in visiting each other in the hospital. About a hundred patients and several members of the staff are placed in a small two-storeyed building. It's the only hospital of the kind in Abkhasia which was badly damaged in the war.
Firemen in the house which has just suffered a fire. St. Petersburg, Russia, February, 2004.
A 94-year-old man in his house in a suburb of Khartoum, Sudan, December, 2003.
General meeting  of the inmates of the women prison near St Petersburg, Russia on Monday, January 22, 2007.
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